Living Liverpool is an e-commerce site made BY the fans FOR the fans who ‘live’ for this club. The name ‘Living Liverpool’ stems from the fact the business was started during lockdown, in the midst of the pandemic, providing a number of everyday useful products for fans.

All the designs are hand drawn by our artist Faizi in Indonesia to fit masks, phone cases, water bottles and more lifestyle products. Here, we will capture the special moments in the club’s history, create art and ensure Liverpool fans around the world can live with those special emotional memories on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

  • Living Liverpool creates affordable and unique fan products, donating 10% of proceedings to Liverpool Food Banks.

Vision Statement 

  • Living Liverpool aims to be the first high quality ecommerce store FOR Liverpool fans made BY Liverpool fans.

REACH Cetrificate: Intertek_Snap Cases 01-Gloss Finish.pdf